11 May 2022

Women in Mathematics Day 2022

This event is in celebration of the achievements and contributions of women everywhere who are active in the field of Mathematics. This is in honour of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian mathematician and a Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University who is the first woman to win the Fields medal.

This is a great opportunity for fellow women in STEM to support each other. We would like to invite women academics who research in maths related fields to attend this event.

We greatly encourage female postgraduate students to present and share their research findings at this event. As there are only a limited number of talks, if you have a female HDR student who would be interested in giving a short 10- minute presentation, please contact Kerri Morgan (kerri.morgan@deakin.edu.au), including a proposed talk title.

There will be two talks about the lives of women working in science, including the challenges they face and one panel discussion focusing on “Women in STEM and leadership”. There will also be some short presentations from postgraduate students about their research areas and experience of working in mathematics. Lunch will also be provided at this event.

We hope to see you at this very special day!